What Can You Do With Bricks?

If you have heard of others buying bricks then you probably know that bricks are a very necessary in many environments. The most obvious things that bricks can do is be used to build things, but just what would you build with radiation resistant bricks? Well, you could build a lot. For example:

  • A hardened computer room – Computers and electronics of all kinds can be very vulnerable to outside forces that influence electrical stability.
  • Environmental controls – Environmental controls are another expensive and sensitive system that can be extremely difficult to repair due to their deep integration with the building itself.
  • A room designed for use with nuclear medicine – Sometimes it is not keeping radiation out but in that is important.
  • Sensitive storage rooms for hazardous materials – Sensitive materials or long term storage may both have anti-radiation needs that can only be met by radiation resistant building materials.
  • Protecting larger system units such as HVAC processing nodes, etc. – The deep integration of some systems with certain building renders protecting these systems imperative as replacement or repair would necessitate significant downtime.

Do You Need Bricks?

If you are working with devices that may cause radiation, especially anything in the x-ray spectrum, then it is simple: you need bricks to protect your investment. Bricks can be made of special material and even designed to meet very specific space, size, and weight requirements. There is no reason that you should not be protecting yourself, your workforce, your clients, and even your equipment and facility investments with bricks.

How Can Bricks Help You?

Bricks can be fundamentally used to help prevent damage to sensitive components, items, and structures via radiation. To take advantage of radiation resistant lead brick or radiation resistant bricks made of other materials, you need to carefully plan the design the layout of a structure. The weight and density of lead in particular can be a real challenge, especially with large areas that need thorough protection. Hybrid composite materials can combine absorption with lighter weight but ultimately the overall efficacy of materials from a radiation absorption standpoint tends to lay in overall mass. There are many arguments starting that lighter, less dense materials can take a great deal of volume that could easily be replaced by smaller volumes of higher density materials.

Bricks For You

Medi-RayTM provides the most comprehensive materials and assemblies for your lead shielding projects. The variety of lead brick designs, in-house coating services and machining capabilities provide the customer with numerous alternatives and options.

Standard brick sizes are only the beginning of Medi-RayTM's Dura-Block Brick products. Dura-Block bricks yield the finest shielding characteristics available. Our revolutionary interlocking design for lead bricks achieves the easiest assembly and the greatest radiation protection.

Medi-RayTM has several custom lead brick configurations that can be altered to a customer's requirements and provided in pure lead or antimonial lead.