Fiber Optics and Radiation: What is all the Hype About?

There is no doubt that radiation exposure can be dangerous to humans, but what does Fiber Optics have to do with this? Well in major cities such as New York where Verizon FiOS is installing their fiber optics, consumers are worried that by drilling holes through their bricks to install this new service may increase their exposure to radiation.

All of this concern started from a article in the New York Times that referenced Optic radiation. While we firmly believe that optical radiation isn't something to worry about.

Does Verizon FiOS's technology increase radiation?

While Verizon FiOS is continually increasing their speeds with their services, such as their 300mbps FiOS Quantum, this increase in speed should not result in an increase in optical radiation.

As consumers learn more about optical radiation, the media really needs to get control of the subject they are talking about. The image below is how an optical network works:

Optical Radiation - A concern?

While understanding this network may be complex to some, this network has very little optical radiation.

Verizon FiOS's network is substantially bigger, the radiation it puts off should be about the same. In our opinion, there should be very little concern over optical radiation and the tearing down of bricks. This just looks like a bunch of media marketing to get customers talking about Verizon's newer offerings.

Updated: 10/12/12 by Eric