Risks of Radiation Present Even With Small Doses?

For years we have all heard from just about everyone not wearing a tin-foil hat that radiation in small doses is not such a bad thing and perhaps not all that different than what we are exposed to every single day from the sun. Now there are medical researchers saying that a one-size fits all approach to radiology is potentially causing patients to be exposed to higher levels of radiation than they really need to because equipment is not able to be fine-tuned precisely to teach individual. While nobody has grown superpowers as of yet, we may be looking at a long term issue from a societal mass exposure to radiation if the researchers raising objections are to be believed.

There can be even further damages when you consider vital equipment. There are plenty of items in and around a hospital or other business that may react negatively to even secondary amounts of radiation that are the byproduct of using an X-ray or other nuclear medical device on site.

Radiation Shielding For Generators

Used for the on-site conversion of saline solutions into usable dosages of radiopharmaceuticals, Medi-RayTM's Generators provide both the efficiency and the safety that is our hallmark. Since introducing its first Technetium99 generator in 1972, Medi-RayTM has continued to perfect its generator shield designs and has become the recognized world leader in the manufacture of Technetium99 generators.

Our physicists and engineers have over 34 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing the very best generator shield solutions to meet your needs. See also our Generator Vial Shields.

The Risks of Radiation and Unshielded Equipment

Radiation has a way of slowly degrading anything that is exposed to it for too long. The doses do not even have to be large or long lasting doses. Even small sustained doses of radiation over a long period of time can make a significant change in the molecular composition. For some things, such as thick metal plate that just absorbs radiation all days long this is not a big issue. For other items it could be a serious issue.

Wooden supports need to be specially coated and protected, but electrical devices that come with bare minimum rubber coating may not be sufficient to outlast the surge effect of an x-ray class transmission. This makes everything connected to an electric outlet potentially problematic as well as lighting, air control, quality systems, alarms, monitoring equipment, computer terminals, and other systems very vulnerable. The cost of replacing these systems can be very large, especially as some will require full remodeling crews and precious downtime that few businesses can afford these days.

Instead, invest in proper radiation protection and design from the ground up to enjoy a long term radiation-resistant environment that can work out for and your organization for years to come. The initial investment is one that will be well spent in mitigating future risks and costs tenfold!